Private Lessons

Emma's makeup lessons are a great way to find out more about makeup that can be customised to suit your needs. With over 12 years experience as a Makeup Artist and 4 years teaching makeup, Emma is very thorough and breaks things down so you walk away feeling confident, knowledgeable and excited about makeup.

These lessons do not have to be just for those who are crazy about makeup; you may like to know how to look like you're wearing no makeup at all! They're also a great gift for family and friends

You may wish to spice up your usual makeup routine by learning some tips and tricks, learn how to master the smokey eye or a particular look to suit your features, find out what colours suit you, go through your current products and learn how to best use them, find out about new products and tools or any other makeup related goodies.

Prior to the lesson, Emma discusses your needs and has a plan ready to go to ensure everything you want to know is covered.

During the lesson, you'll have a good chat about techniques, tools and products and you are welcome to take notes, photos, have a go yourself or watch a demonstration and ask plenty of questions.

After the lesson, Emma touches base to see if you had any questions or would like direct links to product recommendations or tools she may have touched on in the lesson.

"All the girls has a great time and loved how the things you showed us are easy to replicate. Many have already made their lists of what they are going to buy and most are going to get some of the brushes you showed us last night."
Sarah - corporate group lesson with 9 participants.

"I feel much more confident when I do apply make up. Thanks again for your lesson" Emma Campbell - Private lesson client

"We thoroughly enjoyed the lesson yesterday, so much so, we were out until late last night showing off our new faces. We weren't overwhelmed as you put us at ease. Given our age, we were concerned we would be asking silly questions and embarrassed about our ignorance. We were so keen afterwards that we headed to the square and bought the lip liner and eyebrow mascara. Thank you, it was lovely meeting and hopefully we'll meet up again" Debra Scott - Private lesson client

"It was really wonderful and helpful. I learnt heaps and have already annoyed my partner rambling about my discoveries while he is at work. I would definitely do it again when I’m ready to learn more or as a refresher. Hopefully practising will help me remember but that sheet and your notes definitely help my recollection of the helpful hints and rationale behind what was recommended. Super excited, happy and thankful" Penelope Bowling- Private lesson client