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If you've got an extra special occasion coming up and you don't think your regular make-up routine will give you the pizazz you're looking for, then why not consider having an experienced and creative professional do your make-up for you? As the most skilled and well-respected make-up artist in Newcastle and Hunter, Emma has a wealth of experience and will make you look fantastic. You may never have considered having your make-up done professionally before, but there are numerous reasons that make it a perfect investment.

Time to Relax

If you've got an important occasion coming up, you may be feeling nervous, and having an expert make-up artist helps to take some of the pressure off. Not only will you be able to feel confident that your make-up will look great all day, you'll also have extra time to calm your nerves. This is especially true if you're getting married, and Emma has a whole host of delighted brides in her portfolio.

Luxury Products

If the contents of your make-up bag have seen better days, you won't need to worry about buying brand new products. Emma supplies her own range of luxury make-up brands and make-up brushes to be used at your appointment.

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If you're not confident about experimenting with different looks, styles and colours, then you can feel safe in the knowledge that Emma will make you look like a superstar. She's an expert at choosing the most flattering shades for any colouring and skin tone, so you can try out a different look and wow your friends and family. A professionally made-up face will also be a long-lasting look, so you feel confident that your perfect make-up will last all day and night.


You're in safe hands when you book Emma to apply your make-up, as she's Newcastle and Hunter's most experienced and talented make-up artist. As a highly trained artist she knows just how to artfully apply make-up to make the most of your natural beauty and radiance, and will get it perfect first time round. As well as making you look fantastic on the day, you're also likely to ge some amazing hints and tips for choosing, applying and wearing a wide range of make-up products. Whatever the occasion, be it your wedding day, a formal ball, a prom or a family portrait, hiring a professional make-up artist will give you the confidence you need to shine. Don't let your special day or night be spoiled by badly applied make-up that doesn't last the distance, call Emma to discuss your requirements.  

What makes a quality makeup specialist? Is it experience? Artistry? A unique blend of expertise? If you could list the important qualities of a makeup artist, what would they be?  Here are a few things to focus on when trying to find a makeup Newcastle artist for your special occasion:

Reliability: A great makeup artist is reliable and listens to your opinions on how you want to look, while combining that with their own unique style and techniques.

Creativity: A makeup artist is a true artist, using their expertise to create the look that will get you noticed and that is not overly "made up." They would know how to bring out your natural beauty for a look that is truly you, without an overtly overdone look.

Experience: They would have the experience necessary to know what accents your natural beauty, while accenting features that need bringing out more. Like the celebrity stylists, makeup Newcastle artists should also bring out your best features, while downplaying the less attractive features, just like they do in Hollywood.

Emma Bennett

Professionalism: The great makeup artist listens to their customer, and tries to achieve the look they want, while making recommendations that are beneficial to the customer. They care about the customers' needs and about the look they want to achieve for that special occasion.

Quality and high level of service: Most of all, when looking for makeup Newcastle artists, look for the experts who focus on quality. The most important thing above all the rest is that you know that when you are finished, you will have a look you can be proud of and that will make your event memorable. You want to know that your makeup artist will listen to your ideas, while also bringing in her own for the best effect.

So if you are looking for reliability, creativity, experience and expertise, professionalism, and quality and a high level of service, makeup Newcastle expert artist, Emma is the one to turn to. If you are in the Newcastle and Hunter region, Emma is the professional stylist and makeup artist who understands how important that special event is and she strives to achieve just what you want for that special day. So the next time you need to look like a celebrity, and you don't have a famous Hollywood makeup artist nearby, call Emma. She has years of expertise in the makeup industry and can help you achieve just that special look. Emma will deliver quality and a high level of service every time. She wants you to look your very best and knows how to bring out your best features with here makeup artistry. Remember in the Newcastle and Hunter region, call on Emma for your next occasion.